Students In Action

For the last several years at Athol Elementary we have been working to

develop a spirit of community in our school. We are identifying various jobs

and service opportunities around our school where students can help. 4th,

5th and 6th grade students who are interested in a volunteer opportunity can

check the “job board”, obtain an application from the counselor, and “interview”

for the job. Students need parent and teacher permission as well as a

“letter of recommendation” from a supporting adult. Currently we have

almost 80 students involved in the following jobs:

Computer Lab Assistant, Office Runner,

Lost and Found Organizer, Lunch room Aides,

School Newspaper Delivery Recess Aides,

School Photographer, Custodial Aide,

Recycle Bin Pickup, Engineer, Library Aide,

Popcorn Delivery, Personnel Fluoride Helpers,

Box Top and Soup Label Coordinator, Public Announcer,

Year Book Assistants, Assembly Crew,

Flag Helper, Capri Sun Recycling,

Garden Assistant, First Aid Assistant

Teacher’s Aide/Student Mentors, PBS Collector.

We will add other positions to the list as opportunities become available.

Research shows that meaningful opportunities to serve builds resiliency in

students and helps young people grow up to be healthy, caring, and

responsible adults. In addition, these acts of service greatly benefit our

school. We appreciate your support of your children in this adventure.