Principal's Message

Hello Parents!

This is always an exciting time of year and really brings out the kid in all of us I think. It has been a great first quarter and we have been enjoying your children!! Here are a few highlights from Athol Elementary… .


We have started a program to encourage students to be a part of our school and provide leadership and serve as role models for others. In this process 5th and 6th grade students have an opportunity to apply for a posted position, attach a letter of recommendation, are interviewed and hired to serve as a tutor, delivery person, school photographer, graphic design artist, and a variety of other jobs to help our school. It has been great fun getting to know these students and see first hand the responsible kids we have in our school!!


We are excited about a grant we wrote in the fall that we have been awarded!! This grant focuses on child nutrition and allows for us to build a school garden on our grounds and grow vegetables!! It will be a great opportunity to encourage healthy eating habits, teach hands-on science concepts and develop responsibility. Thank you to Ms. Walker and Mrs. Anderson for working on this grant. We are excited about the partnership with our local Girl Scout Troop #3014 as well in this venture!!


Treats: if you are sending birthday treats or party snacks from home our District policy states these goodies must be store-bought and include ingredients. No homemade treats please.

Cold weather: Please make sure you are sending your child with warm clothing for outside play. We do go outside most everyday unless it is pouring rain or the wind chill is extreme.

Thanks for sharing your children with us!


Kathy Thomas

As the train travels down the track crew members take

As the train travels down the track crew members take turns making sure the train is on the track; moving forward, making progress.  I am excited to be part of this fast moving train at Athol Elementary.  Always moving forward with a crew of professional staff who have students’ best interests in mind.  Each student is loaded with individual character, skill and knowledge making the train diverse and full of adventure.  Working together with dedication we will reach our destination with great success.

                                                                                  Mrs. Thomas